About Us

Hello and welcome to findamaker!

findamaker is a directory for those who love to purchase handmade creations from Makers within their local community.

Our Vision

We hope to provide a simple means by which potential buyers can connect with talented Makers within their local community. We are driven by a passion for supporting local business and those who love to create. We love that the internet allows us to find talented Makers all over Australia and the world but we especially love to know who the Makers are in the community that we call home.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you want to buy a unique handmade creation or gift within your local community but have no idea who the local Makers are, what they have to offer or how to contact them? If so, let findamaker help you out.

Maybe you are looking for a unique, local piece of artwork that will represent the magical week you spent on holiday with your family in that special, seaside community but you had no luck finding anything at the local markets? findamaker is here to help.

We provide a directory where Makers can feature their talent and provide their contact information including links to their website, Facebook page and/or Etsy shop. We do not provide a buy, sell and/or swap service. Just a simple directory.

What exactly is a Maker?

We consider the term Maker to encompass those who make or create:

  • Any product by hand (or another body part for that matter such as a talented mouth or foot painter)
  • Art
  • Baby
  • Childrens Clothing & Accessories
  • Beauty Products
  • Culinary Delights
  • From the Garden
  • Grown Up Attire & Accessories
  • Home Decor
  • Jewellery
  • Pet Accessories
  • Tech Gadgets & Nerdy Stuff
  • Toys
  • Woodwork
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design & Stationary
  • Nursery & Kids Room Decor

We are sure the above list will continue to grow however findamaker is not a directory for businesses that offer products that are manufactured and/or imported from abroad. It is a directory for those everyday people who are at home in their community making and creating products that they love and care about. If you want more information about who we consider to be a Maker please check out our Maker Info page.

Our Story

A Little Bit About Us...

Tyson and Jade

Hello, we are Tyson & Jade! We are “Directory Makers” and the creators of findamaker. We live in beautiful, balmy Mackay in North Queensland Australia and we are lucky enough to call both Australia and Canada home. We have three mini-me’s, Eddy, Lexi and Link and two fur-babies, Tilly & Freckles. Our life is like all families with kiddies, a whole lot of awesome, crazy, tears, tantrums, cuddles, disagreements and fun rolled into one big bundle of disorganised chaos!

By day we work for the man. Tys is responsible for the smooth operation of the IT systems at a local school and Jade is accountable for the expenditure of taxpayers money. We can hear you yawning... it truly is more exciting than it sounds.

In our spare time you will find us making pizzas on a friday night, BBQing with our family, having cook offs with our besties, trying to stay active, drinking beer, eating fish and chips at the beach, pleading with our kids to go to sleep, spending too much money at a local market, dreaming of the the mountains, writing code and trying to make it to a live gig (kid free). We also love to shop local and support those who make & create as much as we can.

When our first bubba Eddy rocked into our life we were also four months away from our wedding in Canada. We were on the hunt for not only everything baby but all things hand made for our wedding. We had only been living in Mackay for a bit over a year and we really had trouble finding all the local Makers & creators. Jade was constantly whining to Tyson, “Why isn't there a directory where I can find everyone? One day we should make one.” And well that day is now and here it is, we hope you like!

We are not sure where findamaker will take us. We would really love to see it make a difference in the Mackay community and to grow from there. We really do believe there is nothing better than locals supporting locals when it comes to building a strong community. We also know that those who Make often do so as a side gig to their day job and parenting responsibilities (like us). We know that there is often more love poured into their creations than there is financial return and for that reason, we hope to always keep findamaker as a free to register site.

Thanks for your support!

Tyson & Jade xoxo